What should I wear? What should I bring?

Comfortable, stretchy t-shirt type top, stretchy trousers, and bring an ‘extra layer’. I have mats, yoga belts, bolsters, blankets, cushions and lavender bags to put on the eyes for relaxation, though some students like to bring their own props.


I’m not very flexible. Can I do yoga?

Yes, absolutely. Yoga is a perfect way to build flexibility gently, safely and enjoyably.


I do a lot of running, swimming, gym work. Why should I do yoga too?

Yoga is wonderfully complementary to aerobic exercise and makes it much easier to enjoy these things comfortably over the years.


If I am unwell or suffering from pain, can I begin yoga?

I began yoga when I was having a lot of back and knee pain, and it was transformative for me. I believe there are many reasons for that, and other forms of exercise might have worked too, but that there is a special combination of whole body / whole person approach in yoga which is especially valuable. Many of the students who have come to the class have all sorts of problems and find that yoga helps. Of course if you have any doubts or a serious problem, do ask your doctor first. Of my classes, the Gentle Yoga is a good one to start if you have these sorts of concern.


Do you practise every day? Should I?

I do some yoga pretty much every day and the amount varies from 10 minutes up. I also meditate every day. If you practise every day you will feel the benefit, but you will still notice the effect just with one lesson a week.


What kind of yoga is it?

I did my training with Mary Stewart.  She worked with BKS Iyengar in the 1970s and then with Vanda Scaravelli.  Working through the London YTTC group, in 2009 I became accreditated with the British Wheel of Yoga. I have also trained in teaching Yin Yoga, a held, floor-based style and am very influenced by meditation and my training in Mindfulness.


I think I concentrate on feeling the contact with the ground, on noticing and enjoying your breath and its connection with movement and with stillness, and noticing how everything relates. It's not really one type of yoga; I keep investigating to find what works for me and my students.


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