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We're looking for various kinds of balance - the classes are 1½ hours, with sitting, standing, lying; twisting, balancing, back- side- and forward-bending; aerobic sequences, meditation, relaxation. Each week the class is different and I can email a stick person lesson plan - great for home practice.


There are mats, yoga belts, blocks, and 'eye things' with lavender for the relaxation. I also have sandbags, bolsters, pilates balls, golf balls, marbles...


All the classes have students new to yoga and students who have been coming for many years. All of us have challenges, and we support and encourage each other in finding modifications to make it all useful for each of us.


Almost everyone pays for a term's worth of classes, usually 10 or 11 at £10 per class but at the moment we're also doing £12 drop-ins.


Students have told me that the classes help them with strength, flexibility, toning and relaxation and that they can walk, ski, run, sleep and garden more easily. Joints ease and muscles relax The classes are welcoming, lighthearted, life-affirming.

Variety, interest in us as individuals - Jenny Jacobsberg