Some of the benefits from the classes:


Peace of mind - excellent teaching by a lovely soul. Sally's classes are truly in the spirit of yoga - unity between mind, body and spirit. Carefully thought through, delivered in a clear and gentle manner and taught with great integrity. - Diana Silk (one of my first teachers, who has come to the classes as a student for many years)


I have this morning paid for my first term of yoga having found the inital session challenging in some ways but loved the atmosphere and the support from you and the general vibe from the other students so I will definitely be sticking with it.  I hope to be able to remember some of the general starter stuff so I can practice a little every day too. So glad I made the decision to do something this new year and glad I chose this. - an email from a new student - Lesley Ford 


Good to stretch & bend & strengthen every bit of me! - Lynne Knight  


Flexibility, relaxation, social interaction, entertainment. All very useful and interesting. - Susan Wilkie


Relaxation, strength, flexibility. - Hilary Burr  


It has cured my back pain! - Judith 


The fresh elements that Sally introduces often, the variety, the personalized help when there is a new health issue. - Erica Lowry


The classes leave me feeling physically relaxed and stronger, and calmer. - Carol Barker


I love the flexibility and strength aspects and the fun I have with everyone. - Penny Geater